Ashley Fires, Anya Olsen, Lux Orchid - The Weekend - Modern Taboo Family (

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Ashley Fires, Anya Olsen, Lux Orchid - The Weekend - Modern Taboo Family (

Well, this is just fucking fantastic. Huffed Anya as she reluctantly followed her mother into Aunt Ashleys house. Why do I have to go here? Couldnt I just stay home? She whined. That is MY sister and YOUR Aunt, you will stay the weekend and you will have fun. I need a vacation away from you. Her mother spat back at her as they entered the house and greeted her aunt. Mom was in a hurry to get away, she said hello to her sister, kissed Anya on the forehead and left. Aunty Ashley and Anya had Chinese takeout for dinner and watched tv. After dinner they were doing the dishes when Aunty started brushing up against Anya in a weird way. Aunty then yawned and suggested they go to bed. Its early, Im not tired! Anya protested, but Aunty just said they had errands tomorrow and that they could watch a movie from the bed. Anya walked into the bedroom where her aunt was already in bed. Aunty couldn't believe what Anya was wearing! It's 80 degrees outside! She playfully but sternly made Anya remove her PJ's saying, Your skin needs to breathe! Its so hot in here anyway. Anya resisted, she just wanted this weekend to be over. Turn around she said annoyed. She got undressed and crawled into the bed. Aunty started getting touchy like she sometimes did. What is that? Anya removed the covers and shrieked, shed never seen anything like it; she knew what a penis looked like but Aunt Ashley was a ladyit was a sort of belt with a dick attached to it. Oh, this thing! giggled Aunty, its just my strap-on She said and grabbed Anya throwing her down Let me show you some things that you need to learn. Aunty told her as she made Anya put her big rubber lady dick in her mouth. Thats my good girl, she had her niece lie on her back, Im going to take your virginity, she told her. There was nothing Anya could do but it was ok because she was starting to enjoy herself. Aunty put her cock in Anya and started fucking her wildly, after a few minutes she had Anya get on her knees, she put her cock back into her and said This is called getting fucked doggy style. Suddenly Mom came bursting through the door, Anya, you little slut! What are you doing with your aunt? She screamed and started taking off her clothes. Mom stood over Anya, Youre going to learn how to eat pussy, she said, This is how your aunt and I learned Aunty Ashley and Mom started kissing, Do you want me to fuck you sis? Aunty said to Mom. Its been so long sis, yes! Turns out the entire thing had been planned! Mom and Aunty just wanted Anyas virginityand they got it; keeping it all in the family just they way they wanted it.

Starring:  Ashley Fires, Anya Olsen, Lux Orchid
Name:  The Weekend - Modern Taboo Family
Year:  2018
Genre:  Incest, MILF, Mom, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Lesbian, Orgy, Threesome, Strapon
Time:  00:21:42

Quality:  SD
Type HD/SD:  540p
Format:  mp4
Video:  960x540
Audio:  AAC 44.1 kHz 108 kb/s
Size:  330 MB

Ashley Fires, Anya Olsen, Lux Orchid - The Weekend - Modern Taboo Family (

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